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12 March 10h06
Kai Lenny : Barrel at Jaws
There's a good reason Kai Lenny is 3 times SUP world champion...
26 February 04h44
Benoit Carpentier SUP surfing BZH.
A nice new video from Ben Carpentier, the young rider form Brittainy representing the tiki brand, Starboard...
31 January 00h27
Women's Stand Up World Tour : video of the 2013 season
23 January 02h58
The BIC Wing Series: presentation video
SUP is truly becoming a mainstream sport, and is getting more and more accessible...
22 January 02h11
Stand Up World Tour 2013 : video recap of an exceptional season
Little video recap of the Stand Up World Tour 2013...
16 January 01h28
Chicas al agua : Me gusta mucho !
It's always nice to see the ladies ripping on the water...
10 January 13h29
Team SIC flying down Maliko in Maui Hawaii
While a lot of brands are convinced that the future of SUPing is in inflatable and shortboards, others just keep going in...
31 December 15h07
King of the Cut Race : 21km downwinder Down Under
Here's a beautiful video of a downwinder, coming straight from down under: the recap od the King of the Cut race in Western...
23 December 15h17
India Surf Festival: promo video for the 2014 event
04 December 17h07
SUP session... on the snow!
A few members of the "Pau Pyrénées SUP Club" got together to test our snow SUPing on a beautiful bluebird powder...
22 November 23h07
F-ONE : Tou Korek !
Tou Korek is litterally the way to say " it's all good" in Mauritius, and we see why...
08 November 10h51
2013 N1SCO World Championships Video Recap
A SUP event in the middle of the Nevada desert?? Everything is possible when you're in Vegas, baby! "From October...
04 November 15h37
Kai Lenny's newest Title: 2013 SUP Surfing World Champion
Kai Lenny is the man! He trains hard, rides hard and puts all his energy in his sport and always seem to have a smile on...
29 October 14h36
La Torche Pro France: Lay Day after the trials
The "La Torche Pro France" event is taking place right as we speak, and the conditions  were a little crazy so today...
23 October 16h10
SUP Surfing Session with Keahi de Aboitiz
There are many ways to paddle around, and Keahi de Aboitiz's is making dream...
16 October 13h38
2013 SUWS: Kai Lenny World Champion
Kai Lenny has done it once again and he went home from Turtle Bay with his 4th World title...
10 October 20h38
Sarah Hebert : Amazonian Expedition
Sarah Hebert, after going through a great challenge of crossing a part of the Atlantic Ocean on a windsurf in the winter...
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Photoshooting Tropicalblends Oahu Hawaii.Rider Marc Juliot
Photoshooting Tropicalblends Oahu Hawaii.Rider Marc JuliotPhotoshooting Tropicalblends Oahu Hawaii.Rider Marc JuliotPhotoshooting Tropicalblends Oahu Hawaii.Rider Marc JuliotPhotoshooting Tropicalblends Oahu Hawaii.Rider Marc Juliot

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